160多年来,局县会展中心一直是局县的娱乐中心. 自1855年以来,局县博览会一直是您与朋友和邻居见面的地方, exhibit the best livestock and household items, and make memories with the whole family.

The annual 局 County Fair is five days during late August. The fairgrounds doesn’t sit idle the rest of the year. You can find all types of events there from gun shows, 摩托车交换会, 跳蚤市场, 婚宴, 家畜和马匹表演 and musical events. 三个大型加热展览厅是残疾人无障碍的,适合各种活动. 这里有几个家畜建筑,有室内表演圈和一个大型的室外马表演场地.

The 县农业委员会 operates the fairgrounds. 董事会由一名 终身会员 从县里的每个乡镇来. Since some townships don’t have any 生活的成员, 副董事可以从已经有董事会成员的乡镇选举产生. All members of the fair board work year-round to make the Fair a success. 从在小卖部工作到粉刷建筑物,再到担任演出主管, 志愿者交易会董事会成员全年都在工作,使交易会成为你全家娱乐的地方. 自1855年以来,博览会经历了许多变化,但最终目标始终如一——为每个人创造美好的回忆.



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协会. 导演凯尔洞穴普林斯顿大学普林斯顿大学
协会. 导演凯西·鲍尔普林斯顿大学普林斯顿大学
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协会. 导演汤姆卡尔普林斯顿大学普林斯顿大学
协会. 导演唐娜·奥尔森拉德拉德
协会. 导演戴夫·米德普林斯顿大学普林斯顿大学
协会. 导演对此巴特勒普林斯顿大学普林斯顿大学
协会. 导演Alicyn奥尔森春谷春谷
协会. 导演马克·该隐普林斯顿大学普林斯顿大学
协会. 导演特拉维斯Hochstatter普林斯顿大学普林斯顿大学
协会. 导演南希Monier胡桃木胡桃木
协会. 导演克里斯蒂Bischler亨利亨利


Each township in 局 County has one director that is elected from the 生活的成员 at the annual meeting in October each year. To fill the positions for the townships that do not have representation, there are several 协会iate 导演 positions available. To apply for an associate director position you must own a 生活的会员 and send a letter of application to the 局 County Fair, 邮政信箱238, 普林斯顿大学, IL 61356 stating why you would like to be part of the 董事会. These can be presented at any time during the year.


You can be a part of the historic 局 County Fair. 通过购买175美元的终身会员,您将获得您和一位客人的终身入场券. You will be able to attend the annual meeting and have voting privileges.

Your 生活的会员 card should be picked up at the fair office prior to fair week.

终身会员资格将承认所有者, 他或她的妻子或丈夫, and all children of such owner under 12 years of age to the fair. 如果业主未婚,其终身会员卡只允许该业主和一位客人入住. A life member card entitles the spouse of any deceased life member, 在他或她守寡期间, 享有终身会员的所有特权.



The 局 County Fair has had an amazing history beginning in 1855. 1855年6月,一群当地人成立了一个农业协会,并于1856年10月举办了第一次博览会. 除了1862年因南北战争而被取消外,博览会已经连续举办了163年.

The current Fairgrounds property was purchased from Andrew Gosse in 1859. At that time the property was half a mile from town. The original Amphitheater was constructed in 1870. It was 128 feet long and 22 feet high and would seat 1500 people. 建筑费用为1400美元. 票s to see the horse races were priced at ten cents.

Some of the items exhibited were brooms, 蜜蜂的蜂巢, 木材的马车, 草拟马, 猪, 牛, 家禽, 室内装潢工作, 刺绣, 黄油, 谷物和蔬菜.

1874年,布赖恩特举办了一个水果展览,展出了许多品种的苹果和康科德葡萄, 温室植物和松树. Cushing's Candy and Cigar booth under the Amphiteater had 15,000 bushels of fresh roasted peanuts for sale plus good cigars.

1881年,有一场比赛要选出最漂亮的女人和最丑的男人,但没有公布获胜者的名单. In 1882 a hot air balloon assension and a tight rope walker were the entertainment.

In 1890 a new Amphitheater was built which was 190 feet long by 28 feet high. Six years later the Fair went into debt by $1000 to add an 88 foot extension to it.

In 1903 over 14,000 people attended the fair on Thursday. 有1300多张门票,每张50美分,2300张圆形剧场门票每张15美分. That was over one third of the entire population of 局 County at the time.

In 1905 the cross shaped hog and sheep building was erected at the cost of $2500.

For the first time in 1906 automobiles were used to carry crowds to the fairgrounds. A charge of 15 cents for a single trip or 25 cents for a round trip was charged. 星期四早晨,随着生意越来越热闹,机器的主人们开始以更高的速度运行机器,以便他们可以进行更多的行程. Several minor accidents occurred in the mad rush for business. 这时,机器从集市的东门开到主街的十字路口. One driver made the trip in only 3 minutes. 在公平审判之后,市政府向13名汽车车主发出了传票,他们违反了城市条例,以每小时8英里以上的速度驾驶汽车. 他们被罚款4美元.45. Soon after track was laid for the Interurban train.


到1909年,博览会上有34辆汽车,到1912年,这一数字增加到300辆. 莱特兄弟的飞机, 除去兄弟俩, flew during the 1911 fair but had some trouble with crashing when landing. 中央铁路增加了特殊的火车车厢 & 从Neponset出发的Q铁路, 布达, 布拉德福德, 马登, Mendota and Zearing to bring the large crowds to the fair.

1926年,三天的大雨把场地变成了泥潭,所有的集市活动都被取消了. The Fair was in debt by $16,500 so they worked out a plan to save the fair. Life memberships were sold for $25 each which helped reduce the debt.

The first Fair Queen contest was held in 1939. Mildred Stroud of Concord 乡 was chosen over the 24 girls entered that year.

赛尔谷仓建于1947年. 1948年,周二是4H展的日子,但到了1950年,这一天与博览会分开了一周. 博览会结束后的一个星期,圆形剧场的西端被风从地基上吹落到公路上.

第100届博览会于1955年举行,“丰富的款待可以期待”周二晚上,五大湖海军训练乐队和波浪训练队举行了百年阅兵. The Centennial 选美比赛 was three hours long. Fair directors took their part by dressing in the costumes of 1855. Carolyn Williams of 胡桃木 was named the Queen. Awards were given to a man who had been to 88 fairs, the first one at age 3 months. Mr & 百岁太太是百岁先生 & Mrs Albert Ewalt who had attended for 56 years. 1898年,他们穿着那周结婚的结婚礼服参加了博览会. They were presented a large silver tray. Some of the entertainment that week was the best beard contest, 拖拉机牵引车, 投马蹄铁比赛, 轻驾车赛马, 还有一场绅士赛跑.


第一次争夺小牛的比赛是在1963年举行的,目的是拴住小牛并把它带出围栏. The contestant kept the calf and returned to auction it off the next year. A pig scramble for girls was started the following year.


马具比赛仍然流行了很多年,但在20世纪80年代被股票赛车所取代. Tractor pulls and the demolition derby always packed the grandstands. 第125届博览会于1980年举行. Some of the entertainment that week was the Joie Chitwood Auto Thrill show, 鼓号队, 世界轮滑锦标赛, a western horse show and bocci ball tourney. 芭芭拉·曼德尔和莫伊·班迪在舞台上表演,大看台的票价为5美元.

1982年,第一国家银行捐赠了他们的旧建筑,作为看台旁的售票处. It was replaced in 2018 by a new building.

The 140th 局 County Fair was held in 1995. "All Roads Lead to the Fair" was held on the Sunday before the Fair when antique cars, 摩托车, 马匹和一队拖拉机从全国各地来到集市. 星期四,WGN电台在博览会上举行了奥里翁·萨缪尔森和他的现场乐队的农场表演. Kachunga and the Alligator show was a unique free on grounds attraction. 星期五晚上,邦联铁路乐队给大家带来了欢乐,星期六晚上,大帽子牛仔竞技表演座上宾. 古老的花卉大厅大楼充满了从局县从农场到家的历史物品和旧博览会的历史.


自第140届博览会以来,博览会周围的新建筑包括猪和羊的谷仓,它可以用作船只和露营者的冬季储存地点. 接待帐篷最终被一座新的金属建筑所取代,这座建筑有混凝土地板、舞台和小卖部. 在2017年博览会之前,看台前的包厢座位倒塌,取而代之的是混凝土地板结构. Concrete walkways were added in 2018 from the new ticket booth to the grandstand.

从1948年的WLS谷仓舞和1964年的布伦达·李开始,局县博览会上的娱乐活动多年来一直很精彩. Some of the big name entertainers that have performed here are Brad Paisley, 海滩男孩, 与乡村歌手肯尼·切斯尼, 约翰尼·卡什, 梅尔·拳手, 跟踪Adkins, 乔什•特纳, 马蒂·斯图尔特, 瑞奇Skaggs, 兰迪·特拉维斯, 斯塔特勒兄弟, 38特殊, 坦尼娅塔克, Tammy Wynette, 查理的骄傲, 比利·雷·塞勒斯, Blake Shelton and the Oak Ridge Boys just to name a few.

县集市委员会全年工作,每年夏天举办一次盛大的集市. The 局 County Fair has had a remarkable past, 这涉及到正常的, 每天人, producing a show to entertain thousands of their friends, relatives and neighbors every year since 1855. Through their resourcefulness over the years, large crowds have been entertained and have returned to the fair year after year. 在一年中剩下的时间里,这个游乐场也是一个娱乐场所,有像索克小径枪展这样的活动, 跳蚤市场, 婚宴, 家畜和马匹表演, 音乐会和更多的人挤满了场地.

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